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The ACS F&I Program is used to compute payments for Finance, Lease, and Cash Deals. F&I also prints paperwork such as Contracts, Buyers Orders, Title Applications, ect... Your Main F&I selection menu screen should look similar to the one shown below:

Here are some great features you can expect from your ACS F&I program:
Easy to Follow Menus
Custom Reports
Month-End/Year-End Summary
Integrated Inventory
Payment Fast Quote
Roll Payment
Credit Bureau Access
Runs on all Windows 95, 98, & ME Computers
"Rule of 78" Refunds
Weekly, Bi-weekly, Semi-monthly and Monthly Payment Calculations

To step through a Retail Sale you simply need to hit the Page Down key on the keyboard.

Current Date:
The First Prompt which must be answered is the current date. Enter only numbers, MMDDYY. The program will edit in the dashes in the appropriate places.

(MM stands for Month such as 03 is March, DD stands for the day such as 01 for the first day of the month, and YY stands for year such as 99 stands for 1999.)


F&I checklist:

Here is a F&I checklist for you to follow when doing a deal.  Just follow these few simple steps for seamless F&I processing:

Go into "A" or "B" respectively for a Retail or Lease deal and figure up your payment.
Go to "D" and fill in the Customer / Vehicle Info
Next choose "G" store deal, and save your deal!!!!
Finally choose "E" for Print Forms / Contracts