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Affordable Computer Systems, LLC integrates with dealertrack technologies

Aug 01, 2013

Affordable Computer Systems, LLC is now integrated with dealertrack technologies, the largest online credit application network in North America.  Dealers with a relationship with Affordable Computer Systems, LLC now have the option to process their integrated credit application data across their in-house DMS directly to the dealertrack technologies platform.

Established in 2001, Dealertrack and its web-based software solutions and services enhance efficiency and profitability for all major segments of the automotive retail industry, including dealers, lenders, OEMs, third-party retailers, agents, and aftermarket providers.

For more information, contact Affordable Computer Systems Customer Support at 812-282-4188 or www.acsds.com

Used Car Automotive Accounting

Affordable Computer Systems has true Automotive Accounting Software with Schedules, Journals, and General Ledger.  Our Accounting Software allows you to schedule accounts you choose with up to five accounts per schedule.  Our Finance and Service departments integrate directly into our Accounting system.  You do not need to create a QuickBooks style sale to post into our General Ledger.  Financial reports can be exported to Excel, or Word, call us today for more information or a free on-line demo.

MP PHONE e1363623933469 Used Car Automotive Accounting

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Used Car Lot Software for Used Car Dealer Management Software


Welcome to Affordable Computer Systems, LLC Used Car Lot Software for Used Car Dealer Management Solutions
Software Solutions For New & Used Car Lot Dealers, Motorcycle Dealers, RV, Trailer and Boat Dealers, and Auto Auctions

  • Used Car Lot Software for Used Car Dealer Management Software
  • Saves Car Dealers Time and Money
  • Easy Car Dealer Software Set Up
  • Software Tracks Used Car Lot Sales
  • Extensive Car Inventory & Sales Reports
  • Used Car Dealer Software for Car Lots

MP PHONE e1363623933469 Used Car Lot Software for Used Car Dealer Management Software


Affordable Computer Systems used car lot software for car dealers and bookkeepers is an affordable yet comprehensive car dealer management system software solution including Inventory, Finance, Accounting, Buy Here Pay Here, Service, Leads, Credit Applicatons, and many other used car dealer management solutions.  Click on one of our software solutions for more information, or call us at 800-488-9992, or email info@acsds.com for details on our software.

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IIADA 26th ANNUAL Golf Tournament and Awards Day

Sunday, September 8th

Ironwood Gold Club

Fishers, IN

cid image001 png@01CE98D8 IIADA 26th ANNUAL Golf Tournament and Awards Day


Indiana Raises Interest Rate Ceiling to 25%

Written By: Rex A. Collins, CPA, CVA – Somerset CPAs – 317-504-7900

Effective July 1, 2013, the state of Indiana has raised the maximum interest rate that lenders may charge customers from 21% to 25%. This will result in increased profit opportunities for banks and BHPH dealers.

A couple of words of caution

First, if you are a BHPH dealer or operate an RFC (related finance company), you will want to ensure that all of your documents and agreements permit you to charge this increased rate.

Second, special care should be taken when writing loans with extremely high interest rates to not participate in any discriminatory lending practices as viewed by the CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau). We know of a few instances in which subpoenas have been issued to dealers seeking information on sales practices, pricing and disclosure. Ultimately, the CFPB has the authority to sue your related finance company (or your dealership if you have not yet set up an RFC) if they determine that you are funding discriminatory loans. If found to be violating the anti-discrimination provisions of the rules, the dealer will be subjected to supervision by the CFPB which will require the dealer to accumulate data, issue reports and allow the CFPB to conduct regular examinations. After two years of CFPB supervision, the dealer may petition the CFPB to terminate its supervision.

The bottom line: As long as you are not utilizing the increased rate in a discriminatory manner (as defined by the CFPB), we encourage you to consider raising your maximum interest rate to 25%.

For further information, please contact Rex Collins, Manager of Somerset CPAs Dealership Industry Group at 317-504-7900 or at rcollins@somersetcpas.com.

Nominate a Dealer for IIADA’s 2013 Quality Dealer of the Year

Nominate a Dealer for IIADA’s


 Quality Dealer of the Year

 Application Deadline: July 22, 2013

Applications are now being accepted for Indiana’s 2013 Quality Dealer of the Year.

 The winner will represent Indiana at the NIADA 2014 Convention in Las Vegas and compete

for the coveted NIADA Quality Dealer of the Year Award.

The public recognition and prestige associated with this award will produce many benefits for our 2013 Quality Dealer.

Our 2013Indiana Quality Dealer of the Year will be named and recognized at our 26th Anniversary Golf Tournament and Awards Day on September 8th

 Please forward Dealer Nominations to the IIADA office at:

iiada@comcast.net or 219.661.0287

Do Used Car Dealers need an Automotive Accounting software?

“Off the Shelf vs Customized Accounting Software”

The Automotive industry has been on a roller coaster ride lately, and it all boils down to the numbers.  Many dealers are learning a new appreciation for the challenges their accounting office faces.  So, what position is your dealership in?  Do you have important financial information available at the push of a button?  While most franchise dealers use an automotive based accounting system, many of the independent dealers still use “off the shelf” software, or even manual books.  A quick trip to Walmart will flood you with several accounting software options for your business.  The trick is deciding which, if any, of those packages are right for you.

Most people base their decision on how many vehicles they are selling a month?  I believe if you are a dealer selling over 20 vehicles a month, you can make use of an automotive based accounting system.  The main difference in automotive accounting systems, compared to “off the shelf” software, is that automotive accounting software has schedules.  An easy to understand scheduling system can make the life of your accounting office much easier and far more accurate.  Using a scheduling system can help you keep accurate track of inventory, contracts, customer cash, trade payoffs, and repairs.  A scheduling system will give you itemized detail on all the transactions that make up a specific account total.  So instead of looking at a single amount, say 500K in inventory, you see a value per stock number, and a total of 500K.  Another important aspect to consider is integration.  Once a deal is entered into your finance software, this information should transfer into the accounting department.  This allows for more accurate tracking of customer cash and can immediately remove the sold vehicle from your inventory.

As I mentioned earlier you can find accounting software anywhere.  I would like to encourage you to consider software designed specifically for your industry.  My company has developed and supported automotive accounting for over 20 years now.  When a dealership does not have an integrated automotive accounting package, the timing of sales, and cost of goods sold, can cause your bottom line to vary by $10,000 to $20,000 per month.  When considering your options, take into account the amount of money you have invested in inventory and receivables from car sales.  The selection of your accounting software is a vital part of your companies dealer management solution.  When making your final software choices you may want to think out side the, “off the shelf” box.  Consider using an in-house system, provided by a company, proven to understand the demands of the fast paced automotive industry.

Ivan Dale

Affordable Computer Systems, LLC

Ivan Dale is a senior programmer at Affordable Computer Systems and can be reached at info@acsds.com or 812.282.4188.

Revised IN State Forms Related to Applications for Certificate of Title


To: Licensed Indiana Dealers

From: Shannon Dickson, Director of Vehicle Programs

Date: May 28, 2013

Re: Revised State Forms Related to Applications for Certificate of Title


The following BMV forms have been revised. The forms are located on the ‘Title Forms’ page of the BMV website www.mybmv.com.

Previous versions of the forms will continue to be accepted, but we encourage you to transition to using of the most recent versions.

*Affidavit For Transfer Of Certificate Of Title For A Vehicle/Watercraft Without Administration – State Form 18733

* Certificate Of Repossession – State Form 39738

* Odometer Disclosure Statement – State Form 43230

* One and The Same Person Affidavit – State Form 13637

* Limited Power of Attorney – State Form 1940

The BMV Power of Attorney form now has a limited validity period of 90 days. However, previous versions of the POA form will continue to be accepted without a limited validity period until further notice.

* Salvage Title Affidavit – State Form 49891

* Vehicle Body Type Change – State Form 39771



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